Bedford Garage onstantly searches for all types of Bedford, both running and junkyard vans. We regularly sell fully restored Bedford vans, but you can also have your own Bedford restored at our garage. Thanks to the many long years of experience Rolf is a reliable partner for various restorations on Bedford vans. All Bedford vans can be prepared as an ice-cream van, coffee van, bakery van or for advertising. Allowing for your personal preferences, Bedford Garage can restore the stripped vans giving them an authenticity and a character all their own.

Ice-cream van or coffee van: Bedford Garage restores everything


Restoration of Bedford vans includes renewal of the bodywork and repairing damages and rust spots. During restoration we also replace the window rubbers. In consultation with Bedford Garage it is possible to replace the sliding window by a hatch. The Bedford vans come in at most three colours. Wrapping is also a possibility. By wrapping your Bedford you are able to increase the public interest for your company or product. Contact us for more information.


During restoration all Bedford vans are fully checked by Bedford Garage. If necessary we replace the worn out Bedford parts by new ones directly from our own warehouse. Worn down or old brakes and tires are always replaced. Further we do welding, building in petrol and diesel engines and adaptions for your camper.

All Bedford vans at Bedford Garage in Smilde are APK-inspected (Dutch MOT).